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4 Of My Favorite BD/Partnership Tools


I use many different tools on a daily basis in my role in Biz Dev and Partnerships at Dwolla.

Here are 4 of my favorite tools that make me better at my job.

1) Rapportive: This is an awesome plug-in for gmail. It lets you see all your social media accounts and connect through them for the person you are emailing. I’ve also used it to figure out if I’m emailing the right person (as it syncs up on the right side when you enter an email).

2) Falcon: This is similar to Rapportive but works for Hacker News, Twitter, Github and a few others. It’s very useful to find out who people on these potentially anonymous sites are, by discovering their other online accounts.

3) Yesware: This is another plug-in for Gmail that allows you to see who opened your emails and what they clicked on. This is super helpful when sending out cold emails, following up on deals, etc. I’ve started to pay for it so I have unlimited access (the free version only tracks 100 emails a month).

4) Job Change Notifier: This is a daily email alert. The email summarizes which of my contacts on LinkedIn have changed jobs and where they are now. As you can imagine this can be very useful.

What tools do you recommend?

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