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Should I move this blog to Wordpress?

Since Tumblr was purchased by Yahoo! I’ve considered moving this blog to Wordpress. I’m not sure Tumblr is a good long-term home for this blog and was curious what people thought.

In terms of actually moving it to Wordpress, how does one port their blog there? Is it even possible or would I need to link back to Tumblr?

Any help on this would be awesome.

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The Free Economy

Google, Gmail, Google Calendar, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Tumblr, and many more of your favorite companies and tools are free. They are supported, primarily, by advertising. They don’t sell you a product, you are the product.

This has led me to think that if people are okay with being the product for some of the biggest internet companies, why haven’t we seen this offline and in other parts of our lives. Food, home-owners/renters, entertainment, travel, clothing, and more. Why can’t some of it be offset by advertisers?

Why don’t real estate companies and agents work with advertisers to offer an offset on apartment cost by putting a few banners outside your apartment? I would gladly accept a few hundred dollars off my rent due each month to hang a banner for Pepsi outside my NY apartment.

Maybe companies have tried this. Maybe not. I don’t think it is a terrible idea. I’ve heard worse. I think the only question we really have at the end of the day is that if this were to become rampant, is this the type of world you really want to live in?

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50 Websites You Can Make Side Cash On


Two Sundays ago, I asked a question on Twitter. “Is there a website that shows you all the legitimate ways to make side money?” I was specifically talking about skilled labor, like a driver of a Lyft, teacher of a Skillshare class (not signing up for products and/or surveys).

I quickly found out there was not. So I put one together.

You can find it at SideCash.

It was pretty simple to set up:

Step 1: Lock down Tumblr and domain. Set up a re-direct.

Step 2: Compile a list of companies that fit the bill

Step 3: Ask for help and feedback

I’d like to add more companies to the list. I think it would be a good resource for people.

Can y’all give me some help and feedback?

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Digital Tools I Use Everyday

I’ve been thinking about tools I use everyday and wondered how they stacked up to others.

Here is what I use:

1) Twitter (news)

2) Facebook (distribution of my blog and keeping up with friends)

3) LinkedIn (getting updates on who moved jobs, looking up people, connecting with others)

4) Google+ and Skype (google hangouts with Dwolla team for daily meeting and skype for other calls)

5) Google Docs (I rarely use Microsoft Word or Excel- only if I’m in a spot with no internet)

6) Tumblr (post my blog on Tumblr)

7) Gmail and Gchat (to email and chat)

8) Instagram (when I take photos)

9) Foursquare (using Explore to find places around me or to let friends know where I am)

10) Citibank and American Express (check on my finances)

11) Reddit and Hacker News (I’m mostly a lurker, but peruse both each day)

12) Dwolla (I work there and I pay people back with Dwolla)

13) Eventbrite (I typically have an event going on, so I check Eventbrite frequently)

14) Verizon, Time Warner, Con Edison (check my bills almost daily)

15) Games: Angry Birds, Derby Jackpot (Angry Birds played typically in the subway if no internet)

16) Spotify (I listen at my desk and with mobile app- easily worth the $10 a month)

17) Brewster (I have found it to be a much better address book)

18) Dropbox (sharing files and such)

I’m sure I am missing a few, but that is a good high level overview.

What am I missing? What do you use that is awesome and you can’t live without?

Leave it in the comments below.