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Article of The Week IV

This week’s article is actually two articles. Both from NY Tech studs.

The first is from Scott Britton, a certified bro, at Singleplatform. The post is called Business Tactics They Don’t Teach in School and it is awesome.

The second is from Nick Chirls, who runs seed investments at Betaworks. He is also a certified bro. The post is called The Investor Trough of Sorrow and it is also awesome.

I couldn’t choose the article of the week this week- so I didn’t.

Enjoy and have a great weekend!

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BD Newsletter

A bright spot in the New York tech business development scene has been Scott Britton, from SinglePlatform. Scott loves to teach and learn. He has a great blog that’s a must-read.

A few weeks ago Scott started a BD Newsletter. I must say, it is awesome. He sends a few articles on Sales/BD/Partnership topics, as well as some helpful tips. The one about a cool tool called Falcon this past week was great.

If you don’t subscribe already, you can find it here.

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