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Benefit Cocktails Celebrating #LadiesOnTop


On March 28th there will be an awesome event happening called #LadiesOnTop.

My good friend Cheryl Yeoh and her friend Caroline McCarthy are the two U.S. ambassadors for Ladies Trekking Virtual Club, a global group that aims to bring together women who have climbed or aspire to climb Mount Kilimanjaro not just to share their stories, but to give back.

The party proceeds from the evening will directly benefit Ladies Trekking’s efforts in Tanzania to equip rural classrooms with much-needed textbooks and fund school scholarships for Tanzanian girls.

I am one of the hosts and it is shaping up to be an fantastic event.

You can get your ticket here (Facebook event page here).

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Dwolla + Derby Jackpot Party

As you may have seen on the Dwolla blog this morning, on November 28th, Dwolla is teaming up with Derby Jackpot to throw and awesome event in NYC.

We have rented out a bar, Tavern on Third, and will have a night of horse racing with your favorite people in NY tech. Derby Jackpot is a completely legal and safe way to bet on horses online and we have partnered in way so that you can deposit money from Dwolla into Derby Jackpot to bet on horses.

We’ve also upped the ante, so that anyone that comes with a Dwolla account (you can create one here) and a Derby Jackpot account (you can request it here and they will push you through before the event)- will get a free $10 to bet on horses and drink! 

So in summary- come to Tavern on Third + get free $10 + bet on horses + drink alcohol + hang out with your friends + meet new people in the tech scene = profit! 

You can RSVP here.

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