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Inflection Points


I’ve been thinking about inflection points. For those that aren’t familiar with this term in startup-world, it means when your startup has hit a point that leads to accelerated growth. This typically happens when either a new feature is released or tweaks fix an existing feature. Or it may be events out of your control (otherwise known as luck).

The big question for every startup to ask themselves is, “What can I do to get to a stage of hyper growth? How can we hit our inflection point?” There are obviously different paths for different companies to take.

For Youtube it was a few viral videos including Keyboard Cat, but maybe videos like Lazy Sunday, being huge accelerators. For Facebook, it was letting third party platforms build games on top of it (i.e. Zynga). For Twitter it was a mix of developers building third party applications plus celeb tweeters/events (like Charlie Sheen, Michael Jackson’s death, the Arab Spring, etc.) For Instagram it was Justin Bieber joining the service.

Inflection points can turn hot startups into companies. What are some of your favorite inflection points that you’ve heard about, read, or even experienced?

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