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Article Of The Week II

This week’s article of the week is courtesy of an anonymous founder. It was quite popular on Hacker News in the early/middle part of the week. This post is filled with honesty and real talk that you wouldn’t hear in any other form besides anonymity. Worth the two minute read.

Here is a direct link.

Enjoy and have a great weekend!

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It Is “Who You Know,” But There Is A Silver Lining


There was a great post on a Hacker News a week or two ago called “It’s all who you know?”  It’s a great piece that everyone should read.

It is also very true. Everyone starts off on a different playing field. But the silver lining is that you can network your way in anywhere. All you need is a little confidence and some time. Some people may have family connections, others may not. But at the end of the day, whether you have a pre-existing network or not, it all comes down to what you actually do about it.

So whether you have the network you want at this moment, remember it is about who you know, but there is nothing stopping you from getting to know the people you need.

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Digital Tools I Use Everyday

I’ve been thinking about tools I use everyday and wondered how they stacked up to others.

Here is what I use:

1) Twitter (news)

2) Facebook (distribution of my blog and keeping up with friends)

3) LinkedIn (getting updates on who moved jobs, looking up people, connecting with others)

4) Google+ and Skype (google hangouts with Dwolla team for daily meeting and skype for other calls)

5) Google Docs (I rarely use Microsoft Word or Excel- only if I’m in a spot with no internet)

6) Tumblr (post my blog on Tumblr)

7) Gmail and Gchat (to email and chat)

8) Instagram (when I take photos)

9) Foursquare (using Explore to find places around me or to let friends know where I am)

10) Citibank and American Express (check on my finances)

11) Reddit and Hacker News (I’m mostly a lurker, but peruse both each day)

12) Dwolla (I work there and I pay people back with Dwolla)

13) Eventbrite (I typically have an event going on, so I check Eventbrite frequently)

14) Verizon, Time Warner, Con Edison (check my bills almost daily)

15) Games: Angry Birds, Derby Jackpot (Angry Birds played typically in the subway if no internet)

16) Spotify (I listen at my desk and with mobile app- easily worth the $10 a month)

17) Brewster (I have found it to be a much better address book)

18) Dropbox (sharing files and such)

I’m sure I am missing a few, but that is a good high level overview.

What am I missing? What do you use that is awesome and you can’t live without?

Leave it in the comments below.