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The Realities Of The Startup Space


Last year I wrote a short post asking if there is room for a tech blog for the tech space. This past week Alexia from TechCrunch wrote a similar post. I wholeheartedly agree with her post and think it is long overdue.

It will be hard, but to do this right the person or tech blog would need to have a deep network, be anonymous (up for debate), and fearless.
I would love to read about investor deal terms (valuation, etc.), partnership deals, board meetings, and more. I don’t think this person/tech blog needs to ruin peoples lives or talk gossip. Rather it should be focused on valuable information, as well as keeping the startup/vc space honest.

Alternatively, it can be approached as a Gossip Girl style anonymous tip in. Pick a good domain, link it to a tumblr, and let it rip.

It’s time that someone pulled back the curtain of what really goes on in the startup space.

So… anyone up for the challenge?

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