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2 Characteristics Of Posts From Successful Startup Writers


The most successful startup writers do either one of two things:

1) Teach Something

The best posts teach the reader something unique. It could be about fundraising, partnerships, dealing with press, product, or something else. As long as you teach something valuable, you will get some traction with your post / blog.

2) Tell A Story

I had this thought when reading a post by Fred Wilson called “You Can Do Too Much Due Diligence.” Fred told a story with a great take-away. Some of the best writers, Chris Dixon, Mark Suster, Ben Horowitz, all tell great stories. Stories you can’t read anywhere else.

If you are looking to start your own blog or just put out some content, try to mimic one or both of the things above.

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A Realistic Look At Being A VC


If you haven’t read Fred Wilson’s “When Things Don’t Work Out,” yet, you should. I think it is a great piece and a must-read because it gives a realistic look at being a VC.

Most people, myself included, have thought or think that being a VC is such a hunky-dory gig and it’s just hopping from tech hub to tech hub investing in cool companies. While there is a big piece around having a good time and investing in cool companies, Fred gives a realistic view of what happens post-investment.

I hope he continues to write more sobering pieces like this one.

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Depending On Others

Fred Wilson has a classic post called Easy Come Easy Go. It is a short piece, but the idea behind it is that you shouldn’t depend on others for your success.

Depending on people, companies, etc. is never a good idea. You’ll always be waiting on someone, something, and won’t be able to work on your own schedule.

I’ve been burned many times while depending on third party solutions, APIs, App Store approvals, etc. As a side note, It’s actually something really attractive about Dwolla, as we have built our own infrastructure and don’t depend on the existing CC rail (as with everything there are pros and cons of doing things and there are also downsides to not leveraging existing technologies- but in this case to really change something you need to go a different route. You need to think differently).

There are some things it is okay to depend on other people/companies/solutions for- but in the end you should try to move away from depending on others and focus on depending on yourself.

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