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Write Business Emails At Night, Send During Day

I’ve started a new trend in my work flow that is working out well. Previously, when getting emails I would reply whenever I got around to it. So if I got an email during the day and only got around to responding to emails at night, I would reply then. I noticed that the response rate for emails sent late at night (11pm and on) was pretty low. I decided to change my process.

Now when I am writing emails at night I hold off from sending them until the next business day. I prepare them all at night, save them in a draft and blast them off in the morning. The response rate has jumped dramatically for important emails. I’m pretty sure this is the reason. I think my night emails were getting lost in busy people’s inbox and now that I am sending the emails during the day it is top of mind.

This is a small change but I wanted to share it to see if other people have the same or a similar experience.

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Let me know your thoughts!

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