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2 Years Later

On November 23rd, 2010 I wrote my first blog post on Alex’s Tech Thoughts (formerly Alex’s Random Tech Thoughts). I’ve written four posts a week, since the third week of writing (I wrote one-a-day for two weeks to get content onto my blog). On March 1st, 2012 I started contributing to Forbes in the Entrepreneurship section. Every two weeks my Thursday post appears on Forbes. I skip Forbes if it is a holiday (like today). I also have written for The Next Web (once), VentureBeat (thrice), and The New York Observer (once). It has been a wild two years and my site has found a little place in the tech community.

I want to take this time to open up the data and statistics around this blog. I’d love to hear feedback on what you like, what you don’t like, and how it can improve. I have tried to keep the blog focused on business development, startups, and technology. Once in awhile I write about basketball (big Knicks fan) or politics (twice- once about the Internet Bus and once before the Presidential Election 2012)- but they are the outliers.

Some high level stats since I put Google analytics on my blog on February 28th, 2011. I never did paid-SEM, I did, however, experiment for a month- buying twitter ads. When I post- I tweet, share on Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+. I also update it as my Gchat status, send to my mailing list, and if I’m feeling lucky (or if the piece is API skewed)- I post to Hacker News.

Forbes Traffic (since 3/1/12):
Visits: 66,297

Alex’s Tech Thoughts Traffic:
Visits: 64,633
Unique Visitors: 45,332
Pageviews: 152,336
Pages / Visit: 2.36
Avg. Visit Duration: 00:00:52
Bounce Rate: 17.98%
% New Visits: 70.10%

Country / Territory - % Visits
1. United States- 71.05%
2. United Kingdom- 4.90%
3. Canada- 3.73%
4. India- 2.05%
5. Germany- 1.62%
6. Australia- 1.07%
7. Israel- 1.01%
8. Netherlands- 0.98%
9. France- 0.90%
10. Sweden- 0.66%

Browser- % Visits
1. Chrome- 61.33%
2. Firefox- 17.81%
3. Safari- 8.87%
4. Internet Explorer- 8.42%
5. Mozilla- 1.62%
6. Opera- 0.65%
7. Safari (in-app)- 0.56%
8. RockMelt- 0.20%
9. Android Browser- 0.15%
10. Opera Mini- 0.11%

Mobile Operating System- % Visits
1. iOS- 54.07%
2. iPad- 25.28%
3. Android- 7.72%
4. BlackBerry- 7.72%
5. Windows Phone- 3.56%
6. iPhone- 1.03% (browser maybe?)
7. SymbianOS- 0.34%
8. Nokia- 0.15%
9. Samsung- 0.08%
10. LG- 0.04%

Top Referral Sources- % Visits
1. Hacker News- 47.62%
2. Twitter- 23.79%
3. Facebook- 9.72%
4. Tumblr- 8.71%
5. LinkedIn- 6.48%
6. Google+- 1.49%
7. HootSuite- 0.70%
8. Quora- 0.37%
9. DZone- 0.28%
10. Disqus- 0.22%

Biggest Posts in Terms of Traffic:
1. How To Win A Hackathon
2. Can Developers Really Be Bought Off To Build At Hackathons?
3. The Next Big Consumer Application Will Possibly Not Coming From An Accelerator
4. What’s Your API Strategy?
5. Given The Opportunity: Should You Do TechStars or YC?
6. Biz Dev Documentation
7. Dealing With Jerks
8. How To Get On The Frontpage of Hacker News
9. New Adventure: I’m Joining Dwolla!
10. Taking Care Of Yourself At A Startup

Not sure what else I can share, but it is great to connect with so many people through my blog and I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon.

Thanks for sticking around.

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