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Sorry You Aren’t A Priority


These five words: “Sorry you aren’t a priority”, is one of the most frequently used rejection responses people will hear when pitching/closing. Sometimes it is true. Other times you aren’t positioning yourself properly.

Try to understand what is important to the company you are pitching to. If they care about getting new users and your offering will help them get new users, harp on that. Make sure they understand how many users you can bring them and show them people you’ve done this with before.

It’s not only new users. Some companies might care about improving their product or making money. If you don’t help something that they are currently focused on, don’t be surprised when they say you aren’t a priority.

If you are truly not a priority it might make sense to go back to the drawing board and build a product that is something more companies find to be a priority.

Getting a “Sorry you aren’t a priority” sucks but if you really understand other companies and are honest with yourself about your offering you will spend your time focusing on opportunities where you are a priority.

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