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Fear Of Getting Fired

The fear of getting fired is something I know happens all the time but is rarely discussed. In the world of BD I think it happens a little more often than elsewhere because of the nature of the role. The whole concept of a BD role is a pre-sales function where you are trying to find great opportunities for your business, do a few similar type deals multiple times, put together a process and then hand it off to a sales team to blow out of the water. But sometimes the deal is hard to replicate. Or you spend time on an industry you think might work and it doesn’t. The fear of getting fired is strong then.

I think I’ve written about it before (this is post #682 for those keeping track so it was hard to find) but I once felt I was very close to getting fired from Aviary early on. It was back in 2010 and I was just learning how to be part of a team (I had previously been a one man show in NY for an Israel-based startup) and was also just learning how to do BD and Partnerships the right way. Aviary was in the midst of pivoting into what it is now a photo editing API for web and mobile and I was working with @Msg on talking to prospective partners. My job was to build out a pipeline of industries and companies that would make sense to pitch and learn everything I could about said industries/companies.

I look back in disbelief but at the time I “wasn’t getting it”. I was having a hard time understanding and learning how to approach the research and how to approach the companies to make the product and offering successful. Looking back it was because I wasn’t putting in the time and effort to truly understand what I wasn’t getting. That was until @Msg said something along the lines of ‘this isn’t working out, I’m off to SF for a week, spend all the time during the week to get this right. When I get back we will have a sit down about it. If things aren’t working by then then I’m not sure this is going to work.’ It was very direct, it was very scary, but it worked. I killed myself that week working on understanding what I was doing wrong (it happened to be I was just trying to memorize companies and spit it back and not holistically learning about what they do and what they care about to understand if they would/could even care about us).

@Msg came back, we had a talk and I “got it.” In retrospect I see this as a big turning point in my career. The day I got it. The day I understood why one company would want to work with another company. I was 22 at the time and still learning my way but the fear of getting fired really propelled me to where I am now.

I’m not here to say that the fear of getting fired is good for everyone. It worked for me, but I am not you. I will say that fear can push people out of their comfort zone and make people a little desperate. Desperation can lead to doing things you didn’t believe you could accomplish, which is why the fear of getting fired can propel you to the next level.

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