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Caring is a double-edged sword. On one hand it is imperative to care about the startup and product you are working on. It makes you do the best job possible. On the other hand, caring so much about your company/product can have devastating impact on you when things don’t work out.

I’ve seen people burn out, have really dark moments, and at the worse side of the spectrum, give up and stop caring, because they cared too much.

One needs to take a healthy balance of caring and throwing your hands up to say, “such is life.” Some days, I wish I didn’t care about work, life, family, friends. Life can be very hard. Especially startup life. The roller coaster can make you vomit. One day you are on the top of the world, the next day you are crashing and burning. When you care in these situations, you may have a hard time turning it off.

Caring is the greatest and worst thing you can do at a startup. Caring employees make the best employees (and sometimes the most argumentative because they are so invested and opinionated). The only thing you can do is try to find a livable balance, hang on, and try not to fall off the roller coaster.

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