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Joining A Funded Startup Is The New Two-Year Banking Plan

When I was in college, the most valued post-university job offers were the two-year investment banking positions.

Now it seems that joining a funded startup is the new two-year investment banking plan.

When you are at an early-stage funded (or even non-funded) startup you get exposed to all sides of the business and it accelerates your career.

If you are a rockstar, once you have a year or two at a startup under your belt, you are ready to either to go out on your own or join an emerging startup in a co-founder/senior position.

One example. Jared Hecht, the co-founder of GroupMe. He graduated Columbia in ‘09 and joined Tumblr. He worked there for a year and a few months and left to start GroupMe with Steve Martocci.

So if you are thinking of joining JP Morgan or Gilt City. Goldman or Yipit. Citibank or Seatgeek. Join the startup. It will give you the background to launch your own startup in a few years time. 

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