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Post #500!


This is a pretty neat milestone. This is the 500th post that I’ve written for this blog. Not all of them were tech, as I had an NBA posts here and there, but definitely a lot of work.

I’m really glad I started writing back in November 2010 and have never stopped (you have @msg to thank for that). It’s a great outlet and I recommend it to others. The difference between “great” and “next level” is writing and sharing knowledge. See Chris Dixon, Elad Gil, Josh Elman, Fred Wilson, Marc Andreessen, Albert Wegner, and others.

You don’t need to write every day. Hell, you don’t need to write every week. But start writing and sharing. Maybe do one post a month. Make it good. Spend an hour or two on it. Share it with friends and family for feedback. Post and share. You will thank yourself.

Okay. So three things here:

1) I want to thank two people who have helped keep the writing alive. The first one is my Mom. She looks at each post before they go live and gives edits and comments. If you would see the first draft it would look like gobbledygook. Thanks Mom. You rock.

The second is my friend Ellen DaSilva from Twitter. She helps edit and give feedback on all my Forbes articles. She is virtually my ghost editor there. My articles would be at a 5th grade reading level without her. So thank you very much Ellen.

2) I will be adding an extra post going forward. I have used Friday for Flashback Friday whenever I remember to share it. I’ll keep doing that, but now I’m going to add a post that will feature my favorite article from the past week. It will just be a link and maybe a sentence or two on why it was awesome. Cool? Cool.

3) Last thing is that a neat company called Castify took my blog and turned it into audio podcasts where people can listen to professional voice actors read the content. It is pretty awesome and you can find it here.

Thanks for sticking around and reading and I hope to improve this blog with every post.

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