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Welcome Ezra As Dwolla’s BD Summer Intern

I want to take this opportunity to welcome Ezra Ellenberg to Dwolla BD for the summer. Ezra is a student at the University of Maryland, majoring in philosophy and minoring in neuroscience.

Yup, neuroscience. One of things that I think is pretty awesome about the operational side of the startup world is that you don’t need any particular experience to break in. All you need is passion, interest, and a willingness to work hard.

This summer we were looking for someone to join the team and do research for upcoming product launches, and Ezra having some research background stood out among the candidates. It was a mix of asking the right questions and being thoughtful in his approach. Ezra will be doing some good research and get to participate in the fruits of his labor (i.e. deals, baby).

I’m excited for the summer and the opportunities ahead of us. Welcome aboard the Dwolla ship.

Also, while I am not working directly next to them (they will be in SF), welcome Dillon Myers and Adam Krainson to the Dwolla SF team to join Nicole (last year’s intern, MBA drop-out, and practically my boss at this point ;D).

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