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Going On A Vacation

Tomorrow I leave on vacation for the next week. I’ve been off for Jewish holidays (they all happened to fall out on workdays this year) since joining Dwolla but haven’t taken a proper vacation since mid-Aviary. This happens to also coincide with my birthday, my wife’s birthday, and our 5th wedding anniversary.

For the first 3 years, Liz and I would go away for this two week period (birthdays and anniversary). But, last year I moved over to Dwolla in April and didn’t feel comfortable going on vacation the first 3 months at my new gig. I’m finally going away now.

I try to work hard and smart, and every once in a while going on vacation is necessary. I’m looking forward to recharging my batteries and reading a few books on the beach. I’m hoping to come back better and stronger. See you in a few.

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  1. johnfein said: I agree. Vacations are a must every so often. I’ve been taking real vacations once a year and it’s not enough. We’re going to the Caribbean next week. Way overdue!
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