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5 Companies That Excite Me Right Now Part III


In March 2011 I wrote a post titled “Things That Excite Me Right Now.” Then 9 months ago I wrote a post called “5 Companies That Excite Me Right Now Part II.” Here comes Part III.

Just to keep track, from the first one, one company got acquired, another company is silently killing it, and another shuttled and is now working as an EIR at GRP. From the second list, one company raised a crazy round with some of the biggest investors in the game, one was just featured in the print version of Vanity Fair, and the others are still unveiling and coming out of beta.

Without further ado: list #3

They just announced the product a week ago, but they’ve been working on it for awhile. One of the founders from Warby Parker is the brainchild (one of the co-founders) of this shaving startup. I’ve seen the product and it looks pretty solid, I think they can do is major damage to the big blade and razor companies.

Grand St. 
They have the potential to be the for technology. Every day they show me amazing looking devices that I want to buy immediately. I haven’t pulled the trigger yet, but I know it is coming soon.

Albumatic is what Color would have been if it had worked. I’ve been using Albumatic in SXSW and it is quite useful. Being a local, social photo sharing network, it’s interesting to follow and see what places are blowing up with photos. I’m curious to see now that SXSW is over.

I want super powers. Myo gives you super powers. So hence they excite me. Myo is a wearable gesture control technology. What does this mean? Telekinesis, yes. Myo is an armband that uses advanced sensors to translate your muscles’ motions and movements into wireless interactions with technology. This allows you to seamlessly control your digital world. You can manipulate your computer, play video games and more with simple gestures. GLORIOUS.

This is a curation network for people to create, discover, and share videos. They have been quietly building a little empire. The content is divided into three components: original content (10%), curated content (70%), and user generated content (20%). The team is pretty ridiculous (in a good way) and I think in 2013 we will be hearing a lot more from them.

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