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Things That Excite Me Right Now

Neverware- My buddy, Jon Hefter, is killing it right now. Neverware is a virtual desktop appliance that helps schools not have to ever replace the hardware for their computers. The “juicebox” powers ten-year-old PC’s and allows them to run Windows 7 as though it was bought in the store yesterday. BOOM!

The Education Technology/Digital Learning Space- This space is really heating up. I help organize the Digital Learning Series with Startl and General Assembly once every two and half months. We have five to seven companies demo what they are working on in the education technology space. We had the first event in December, the second in March, and plan to have the next one for the end of May.

Speakergram- Sam Rosen has moved from NYC to SF to join 500 startups. Sam built a CRM tool to better manage speaking engagements. He has some big names in his system and is beginning to branch out and go after PR firms to help them better manage their clients.

Think Near- Think Near is a TechStars company taking on a big problem- helping businesses deal with downtime. Their product monitors each location and automatically creates and distributes the optimal discount to bring in customers when things are slow. Their system requires no hardware, takes under 10 minutes to set-up, and runs in the background continuously getting smarter about how to keep you busy at all times. Very cool!

You Are TV- I actually had this idea earlier this year. When you think about interactive TV in the future, you think that viewers will be able to interact with the content live, even personalize and manipulate it. That is what You Are TV is trying to do. They are looking to be one of the first live interactive game shows. For me the endgame would be getting a network deal and giving viewers the ability to become a contestant from their web-cam on any given night. Talk about interactive!

Radbox- Radbox is like Instapaper for video. There are a few competitors out there and this space is heating up, but the Radbox team are really hard working charismatic guys. Check it out.

Aviary- I know, I know, I work here. But, we have some really awesome stuff out there and in the pipeline- our new API, our simple editor, and our upcoming website redesign. We are also working on some other products that are very exciting. Stay tuned.

What are you excited about right now?

  1. marksbirch said: Of these, Neverware is potentially the most disruptive of this group and possibly the most disruptive of all the NYC tech start-ups right now.
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