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3 Homeland Finale Theories


If you’ve been following me on Twitter, you will know that I have a bit of an obsession with Homeland, the hit show on Showtime. This coming Sunday is the Season 2 finale and I have a few thoughts on what may occur. I will break them down to three main theories below.


Theory #1- aka “The Basic Theory”
This is the tamest theory. The general idea is that Brody is a goner. Brody’s story will end on Sunday night. He has played out his purpose and is a sitting duck to Quinn’s covert operation. The end of the season has Claire and Saul as outsiders and Season 3 will deal with them trying to expose the CIA, specifically Estes as a bad guy. A good addition here would be if, in the last few scenes of Season 2, they begin the Season 3 story plotline, setting up what’s next.

Theory #2- aka “The Long Con”
This is the theory I believe is most plausible. Brody is bad. Brody and Nazir always had a Plan B if Brody were to ever get caught and this is it playing out. Few things to think about:

- Brody conveniently left out the coordinates that Roya and Abu Nazir asked him to get when he snuck into Estes office.

- We have no idea what happened when Brody was with Abu Nazir for those few hours.

- When Nazir dropped off Brody in Season 2, Episode 9 he said something to the effect, ‘if all goes well we won’t see each other again.’

- Abu Nazir is all about the long game. Remember Season 1, Episode 1. The mere fact that Brody was a turned POW-Nazir-planted leak, and had ten of his men killed so they could rescue Brody. Now giving up Roya and a bunch of muscle doesn’t seem so crazy.

- Brody is a terrific liar- even besting his polygraph.

In this theory, Abu Nazir has always been in control. He purposely had Carrie listen to him and Brody plotting and successfully killing the Vice President so that he could link them and Carrie would go to bat for Brody. Now from previews it looks like Carrie is trying to help/protect Brody. I think that there are a few ways this theory plays out.

One way- Quinn tries to kill Brody, Carrie kills Quinn first. They escape, but we find out in one of the last scenes that Brody is really bad (while Carrie doesn’t know).

Another way- Carrie figures out that Brody is bad (probably after killing Quinn- let’s face it Quinn is a goner). Carrie then kills Brody.

A third way- We find out that Brody is bad. Carrie finds out Brody is bad. Brody escapes to be the new terrorist org leader (keeps him alive for next season).

Theory #3- aka “The Mind F—k”
This last theory is ballsy. Some might look at it as a cop-out, but I see it as a real mind bender. Doesn’t it seem weird that everything is going swimmingly well for Carrie this season? She recovers and has a normal life, gets back into the CIA, ends up with Brody, assists in the killing of Abu Nazir, stops a terror attack, etc. It seems a bit dreamlike.

Imagine the last scene of the season with Carrie waking up from electroshock therapy she underwent in the finale of Season 1, and this all having been a dream. Season 3 plays out in a very different manner: Carrie struggling to get her life back to normal, etc. Mind = blown.

Anyways, I’ve spent way too much time on this. Jump into the comments to give your theories.


A fellow on twitter by the name of Ryan Jones made a good point. “S1: Nazir uses distractions to execute a larger plot. I bet all this is a distraction for larger attack. S2 ends with attack”

I agree, I think season 2 will end with an attack and we will see Nazir’s long con. Brody is bad. Attack at end of season. Carrie being so right about Brody, but yet so wrong. Powerful stuff.

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