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3 Steps To Breaking Into Any Industry

I’ve written a few posts about breaking into the tech space before. This post is similar but it applies to breaking into ANY industry. There are three basic steps to follow. They are Research, Reading, and Networking.

Step 1- Research
Whatever field or industry you are in, you need to do research. For example, in technology, there are tons of sub-industries ranging from education, healthcare, social, payment, photo, video, etc. Figure out what excites you. Then put together a document (Google spreadsheet) with all the industries in different tabs. In each industry there are many companies, add your favorite to the list. Then break it down even further. Put the key employees, founders, head of engineering, biz, etc who you would like to work for/with. Now you have your hit list of industries, companies, and people you want to work for/with.

Step 2- Reading
Now that you’ve done the proper research, it is time to start reading what everyone else in the industry is reading. Some thought leaders in various spaces blog/tweet/share info. Others don’t. Whatever the case is, either start reading what they are writing or read what they are reading. This way you know what is going on in the space you want to break into and when you get to Step 3 you will be ready to have an intelligent conversation.

Step 3- Networking
You’ve done the research and read up on the happenings in the space you are looking to break into. Now it is time to get in front of the right people. In every industry there are proper events to go to. Sometimes there are weekly events, others have quarterly or yearly conferences, but every industry has their events. Go to them and meet the industry players.

The above three steps are not rocket science. They are calculated measures to break into any industry. Follow them and the spoils shall be yours.

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