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Dropping Names In Blind Reach Outs

I’ve gotten this a few times. Someone reaches out to me and says they either got my name from someone or that we have a mutual friend in common. And while I try to respond to every email that comes my way, when I get these I shake my head a bit.

The reason being, when you drop someone’s name in a blind reach-out, you don’t realize, but the other side is thinking, ‘well, if this person has a mutual friend, why isn’t that person making a proper introduction?’ Meaning, if you do have a mutual friend, or if someone did say that you should reach out and say they sent you, why didn’t they take the moment to actually connect the dots?

So next time you are thinking of dropping a name in a blind reach-out, remember the person on the other end is asking themselves why that person didn’t personally put you in touch.

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