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It Is Always About The Product

After all the money raised, praise from press, congratulations from friends- building and scaling a company is always about the product.

I’ve been noticing a trend with many companies looking to leverage celebrities, athletes, or popular figures in hopes that they will help drive traffic, users, usage. While there are times when this works- it is typically a quick fix rather than a long-term solution. If you are going to build your business on getting the occasional celebrity tweet out to move your business forward your product probably sucks.

This is not to say a good celebrity endorsement can’t help elevate your company- they definitely can. It’s just that after that endorsement if you don’t have something that people love, it won’t be long before your active users begin to dwindle.

Instead of hoping that others (celebrities, etc.) can solve your problems- focus on your product. Why do people love it? What do people hate about it? What are the most requested features? Build that. Talking to users/customers will ensure your proper focus. Because really it always is and always will be about the product.

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