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Unexpected Integrations

One of the best things about having a robust API is the unexpected integrations that can happen.

Because you have an API (whether free or paid) partners can test, integrate- you might not know about it until your numbers start going up. Many times, I’ve seen partners testing/playing with an API and they are using their individual personal accounts- so it doesn’t show up as that company in the statistics.

Unexpected integrations make the partnership role an exciting one. However there are some downsides to it. The most obvious is that when you don’t know who is using your API, you have difficulty giving accurate projections to your team.

The way to combat this is to do two things:

1) Never depend on the unexpected integration to unexpectedly hit. By definition it is unexpected so depending on it is a surefire way to get canned. When the unexpected integration does drop - you will still be busting your butt to get deals done and this will just be gravy.

2) Get good analytics. Request name, email, and company for each person who uses your API. This way you can see who is testing, what sort of volume they are doing, and how to get in touch with them.

Otherwise, unexpected integrations rock.

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