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Review Me Kate

I often have people ask me how they can start their own blog and what they should write about. I always try to tell them that they need to find a vehicle to write about. Once they find their vehicle it will be easy to produce content.

Some example vehicles are - startup newbie, startup VC, lawyer turned startuper, learning programmer, entrepreneur sharing knowledge, VC/entrepreneur combo, etc.

When I was last out in Iowa, I had the pleasure of sitting down with Kate Wagner from the Dwolla team. She has been writing a personal blog for quite some time, but wanted to crossover a bit, find a larger readership, and have it relate back to startups.

After some discussion she decided on reviewing female targeted startups and companies as a female in the coveted demographic (18-35) and geographic (Midwest). She is calling it Review Me Kate.The first review is called Go Try It On and you can find it here.

This is a great example of finding a vehicle. I wish Kate luck and know she will do great.

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