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Carmelo Anthony Trade Analysis

This blog is a platform for technology thoughts. However, once in awhile I would like to mix it up. This is one of those times.

I think this is the best trade the Knicks have ever made. I will go on record saying this. The pros out way the cons. For the near-term AND the long-term.

Let’s look at what the Knicks gave up first:


Felton- Played two good months. A Tier II PG who was going to be replaced by Deron or CP3 within the next two years.

Gallo- A great 3-point shooter. However, he will NEVER be an all-star and puts up above-average numbers.

Mozgov- A big marshmallow. He had one 20+ game this season against Greg Monroe and the Pistons. The PISTONS, people! He was riding the bench the entire season and played a few games to up his trade value.


Chandler- I loved how Chandler could come off the bench and put up 20-30 on any given night. However, he was out at the end of the season. The Knicks were not going to renew his contract- so no big loss here.

Randolph- Still has potential, but unfortunately his mistakes outweighed his natural talent.

Curry- Good riddance to you and your fat salary.

Picks- Who cares?! Free agency builds championships.

What the Knicks received:

Melo- The prized possession. A major upgrade from Gallo and Top 5 player in the league.

Billups- “Mr. Big Shot,” the veteran PG is the best pickup that no one is talking about. Felton was going to be out in two years- so will Billups. But Billups hits the big shot- hence the nickname “Mr. Big Shot.”

The Rest- Again, who cares?! (except The Hustler- Mr. Balkman- he’s back!)

This is the best move the Knicks have ever made. They will get out of the first round of playoffs and have a chance to go head to head with Miami, Chicago, Boston, and Orlando in the semis. 

(Editor Note: A lot of jargon in this post- excuse short form writing)

  1. marksbirch said: Actually does not even matter if Felton and Gallo turn into All-Stars eventually, the fact is that Melo alone makes the team infinitely better in the long term and the Knicks fill in the holes after the season (they do need a big man).
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