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@ Mentioning People When Tweeting An Article

I have a various methods for distribution of the content I produce.

My gchat status, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Hacker News, Reddit, and more.

One thing I have learned about getting some extra distribution is that if you @ mention someone when you tweet it out, you have a high probability of having them retweet it, and subsequently more eyeballs will see your content.

That doesn’t mean you should @ mention random people with lots of followers hoping they will read it and RT. You should only @ mention people who are relevant to the piece. 

I’ve done this both successfully and unsuccessfully before.

Success has come when there were either one or two people or companies @ mentioned that were highly relevant (two cases for me were: 1. @ mentioning Dave McClure on an post about great tech writers, and 2. @ mentioning Warby Parker in my article about them for Forbes).

Failure has come when I @ mention too many people, some of them not being super relevant to my post (earlier writing days).

Bottom line: If you are a relatively unknown tech blogger, a very valuable method to gain some initial traction is @ mentioning one or two people who are either relevant or included in the piece you are posting.

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