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Why This Election Is So Important (For The Internet)

This has been an interesting year for the internet. Interesting is a nice word to describe that the internet, open internet, has come under attack by things like SOPA and PIPA. And unless we are ready to defend it, we will lose it. 

The presidential election is coming up soon and it will be a doozy. I’m not very political, to be honest. I am not a Republican or a Democrat (although I am more terrified of Republicans than I am of Democrats, mostly on social issues). Actually according to one of those “Who Should You Vote For” quiz that I found on Reddit, my views align with Senator Gary Johnson, the Libertarian Presidential candidate. But this election, like previous elections, is very important. Especially for the internet.

This is why I backed the Internet 2012 Bus Tour on Indiegogo. The Reddit team will be traveling to various locations (including DSM), in mostly swing states, to talk to people and host events around the upcoming election. For this to be successful, they need your help to reach their goal of $40,000. If you care about the internet and want to protect it- even if it is just $5, make sure to back the Internet 2012 Bus Tour.

(Also- If you haven’t registered to vote, you should do so here)

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