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The Most Important Part Of A Product Integration Deal

One of the best pieces of advice I ever received about doing product partnerships came from David Honig, of Vision Ventures

At the time, I was working at Aviary and focused on third-party integrations for the web and mobile editor. David told me that while it is great to close a deal (and we should celebrate our wins), there is a silent killer for product partnerships. And that is poor placement.

Poor placement in this case was in regards to where the photo editor should be placed when a third-party integrates. His logic was that if you close a product partnership deal and fail to get the proper placement it is deemed to fail. He even posited that if you can’t get proper placement, you should walk away from the deal. His reasoning was that if you end up doing the deal with poor placement your numbers will be bad and it will be a poor signaling for other partners, investors, etc.

Placement can come into play from anything like a photo editor, a payment button when checking out, a widget on a third-party website, and more. Next time you are doing a product partnership, be sure to keep placement in mind.

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