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Trying New Things

I used to be wary of trying new things. I didn’t join Facebook and Twitter until 2010. I also didn’t get an iPhone till 2012. I had been, historically, a pretty late adopter on the technology side of things. I’ve been trying to change that the last two years.

Bijan Sabet from Spark Capital is a notorious early-adopter. Everything from Instagram, foursquare, Tumblr, and others, he was pretty early on the platform. This is why he has become an investor of many of them. He uses the platform early and really tries to understand how the community forms. 

I think that once a week we should all try out a new service, use a product offering, immerse ourselves in a new community. It doesn’t take much time and you will probably, in aggregate, gain a ton of utility.

What should I try this week?

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  1. texturism said: 2 for 1: runkeeper + running.
  2. seanrrwilkins said: Try this week. Setup some time to meet like minded business people in the area.
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