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5 Companies That Excite Me Right Now Part II

Back in March 2011, I wrote a post about a few companies that I was excited about at that time. Now, I’d like to do another.

Jump Ramp Games: I met the founders, Alex and Tony, via Joe Medved from Softbank Capital. I am currently a beta tester of Lucktastic and it is awesome. The basic concept is scratch tickets but via a mobile app. You get some scratch tickets each day and can win tokens and/or money. There is a lot more going on, but that’s the general premise. I think they are going to be big in the second half of 2012. Watch out!

The Skimm: I’m a big fan of this daily newsletter. Virtually unknown right now, the newsletter simplifies headlines for the young, educated professional who knows enough to know they need more. It’s geared to women, but I still enjoy reading it every morning.

Derby Jackpot: The Derby Jackpot team is based out of General Assembly in NYC. They have an impressive beta and the founders are pretty awesome. Oh, and it’s totally legal online horse betting. I have bet on one horse and lost. I’m not a big better, some poker here and there, but I’ve been craving to bet on another horse again… this app could be dangerous :)

DashLocker: Step 1- Sign Up. Step 2- Drop off your laundry in a locker and lock it. Step 3- They do your laundry. Step 4- Get notification. Step 5- Pick up. I can’t depend upon using my parents laundry for the rest of my life.

uBeam: I met Meredith, the founder of uBeam at TC Disrupt in NYC this year. She is quite an impressive person and I think you’ll all get to know her in a few months time.  uBeam is like WiFi, but instead of delivering an internet connection, it transmits power over the air. Yup, wireless charging. They are still in development, but the first prototype can send power over five feet. 

And obviously I’m super excited about Dwolla. Some things are under wraps right now. But if you are an e-commerce, marketplace, charity, or gaming company- please get in touch with me. Big things coming out at the end of the summer that you will want to see right away.

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