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Good developers are not only judged by their programming work but also by how they document that work. Good documentation helps bring others up to speed and makes a company more efficient. 

The same can be said with business development. Good business development people keep track of all their meetings and developments by making meeting summaries and updating their pipeline.

When initiating new people on your team or leaving deals over at a job you are leaving, having poor notes or information about the deals you were working on can have major negative ramifications on the business.

I haven’t always, but now currently do a few things every day that will help when we eventually bring more people on board in business development roles at Dwolla.

Here are two important things I do:

Meetings Of The Day

Every night before I go to bed I write up a meeting summary for each meeting I had that day. This consists of the company name, people in attendance, summary of what happened, and next steps. I have one google doc running of all the meetings I’ve had since Day 1. If someone would join now their first order of action would be to dive in and read these notes. 


I used Highrise at Aviary, and after a few weeks I decided it was worth getting for Dwolla. The only thing I am doing with Highrise is bcc’ing all my business emails to keep tabs on all the companies we are talking with. I go in once a night and tag the emails with who the people are, their company, and their industry. This way if I ever need to follow up on, let’s say, the e-commerce industry, I can go in and get a quick list of companies.

If you do anything else that helps you document your biz dev efforts please let me know by leaving them in the comments.

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