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New Adventure: I’m Joining Dwolla!

I have some big news. I couldn’t be more excited to announce that I am joining the Dwolla team!

Dwolla is an amazing company in the payments space, looking to re-imagine what a company like Visa or Mastercard would look like if started today (and not 40 years ago with its associated legacy costs). I am going to be a Biz Dev Builder, leading business development and partnerships. I will be tasked with growing out the API platform- similar to what I did at Aviary with their photo API, except now with a payment API.

You are probably asking yourself, isn’t Dwolla based in Iowa? Well, yes it is. To that regard, I will be establishing Dwolla’s NY satellite (location TBD) with my good friend Michael Schonfeld, as he is joining Dwolla as their developer evangelist.

I’m very grateful for my last two years at Aviary. I’ve learned so much from Avi, Michael, Paul, Iz, and others. I’m sure Aviary is going to continue to do amazing things without me. 

I’m out in Iowa this week, but I will be jumping right into third-party integrations. If your business is creating revenue and you are paying a percentage of that revenue in credit card fees, you should consider adding the ability to accept Dwolla as a payment option. Any transaction under $10 is free for the merchant (great for something like iTunes, Zynga payments, charity donations). Any transaction over $10 is a flat fee of 25 cents for the merchant. That’s why merchants love Dwolla and why the entire financial industry has taken note.

I’m excited to get started and hope to hear from everyone soon!

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  1. nateberkopec said: grats!
  2. adsahay said: Congratulations, mate! Smart move by Dwolla. Wish you all the best.
  3. s-m-i said: Congratulations on the new adventures Alex :)
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