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Skillshare’s Biggest Problem And How To Fix It

I love Skillshare. I have written about it countless times on my blog, tweet about it and my classes relentlessly, and think it is one of the foremost disruptive companies in the education space. I teach three classes, Intro I, Intro II, and Advanced Business Development and Partnerships for Startups.

However, there is one issue with it. I think that even though there are many qualified people to teach a Skillshare class, they don’t have anywhere to do it. When you schedule a date to teach a class, the form prompts you to fill out the location name. It states below that this can be

Anywhere can be a classroom, even public spaces like libraries, bars and coffee shops.

While this is great for early on in Skillshare’s lifetime, they will need to build out a feature that will allow them to offer different locations (for free or cost) that teachers can use for their classroom. I believe this is the biggest hurdle they will cross in scaling.

A big opportunity here would be an airbnb for renting space (not my idea- Abigail’s!) that would allow for venue owners to rent out their space. Then skillshare can plug in the api or at least link to them. 

Someone build this!

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