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5 Key Things Needed To Improve Your Digital Identity

Having a solid digital identity is more important now than it has ever been. I’m not just talking about your self-worth. It’s crucial for job opportunities and 21st century due diligence (i.e. google search). You NEED to have a good digital identity. Here are 5 tips to improve whatever you are currently doing:

1. Make your Twitter legit

  • Switch your Twitter account to @firstname+lastname or @initials.
  • Add a short bio to your profile- a brief and high level overview (long bios are tough on the eyes and people may think you don’t really do anything).
  • Start following people/things that are in your industry (or in the industry you want to be in). Remember! Twitter is an interest network, not a social network.
  • Start tweeting/sharing news articles that you find interesting. BE ACTIVE! Share at least one article a day. @ reply people who tweet interesting things. Be part of the conversation! 

2. Acquiring websites

  • Pick up or buy the following websites: (get it on

  • Buy them for 2 or 5 years- you will get a better deal.

3. Create an About Me page

  • Go to and grab 
  • Link up all your accounts and add a short bio.
  • Add a photo of yourself and background.
  • Add the link to your signature on every email you send (you can access this in the setting for your email).

4. Work on your blog

  • Now that you have picked up your Tumblr account you should start thinking about blog post ideas.
  • Make a draft every time you have an idea but also spend time thinking of a theme.
  • The theme could be lessons learned, tips on x, y, and z, how you are unique/different, etc.
  • Decide how frequently you want to blog. Once a day, week, month, etc. Stick to it.

5. Go to events (not really digital, but kind of)

This list was originally made for someone close to me that wants to get back in the game, but can be applied to anyone looking to improve their digital identity.

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