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Skillshare And Twitter Are The Best Networking Tools

My two favorite networking tools these days are Skillshare and Twitter.


I have been teaching an Intro and Intermediate (now Intro II) BD/Partnerships class on Skillshare once a month for the past two months. I really enjoy teaching the class because BD/Partnerships is what I live and breathe every day. The quality of attendees in my class has been phenomenal. I truly enjoy meeting every person who enrolls and they in turn become part of my network. I plan to take other people’s classes so I can meet/network these like-minded individuals.


For those of you who aren’t active on Twitter, you are seriously missing out. People confuse Twitter with a social network, but it is really an interest network. You have tons of interests- sports, technology, fashion, general news, entertainment, gossip, etc. You probably go to many different sites to get all the latest news/information. Well, if you are on Twitter, you can just follow the various leaders and influencers in each space. You can also connect with other people interested in the same things.┬áNetworking galore!

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