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Two Ways To Make Your (Destination) Website Successful

Our fearless captain, Avi at Aviary, recently presented the team with two ways to make a destination website successful. I would like to share his recommendations with you here.

1) Sharing

You want to create a site that people feel compelled to share with their friends, networks, etc… If no one is sharing your website, then you are doing something wrong.

Seth Godin wrote a great post about why people share/spread (

It is a must read. 

2) Stickiness

You want people to come back to your site, right? If people are not coming back to your website, then you are doing something wrong.

Darren Rowse wrote a great post (back in ‘08) about how to make your website more stickier (

It is also a must read.

If you focus on sharing and stickiness, all the press and investors will follow.

Now, creating a profitable business and figuring out monetization is a whole other post :)


This is my first tech blog post. I have some good ideas for future blog posts and I plan to keep them short and sweet. Looking to do three a week minimum. I want to give a shout out to Sam Rosen ( who inspired me to put my thoughts out there.