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Building A Team- What The Knicks Should Do

I keep hearing people on Twitter chiming in on what the Knicks should do this season (and next season) in regards to trades and building a championship caliber team.

I think that building a basketball team and building a startup team are not all that different. They both compete with other teams, they both have a mix of talent, and they are both vying for a championship/IPO or acquisition.

The biggest thing when building a team for basketball or a startup company is finding the right pieces. For startups you want a product person, a design person, a developer, and a business person.

This all being said, here is what the Knicks need to do:

Chris Paul is a great player but at this moment the Knicks need different pieces in their roster. It’s like if you had a team of two business people but no developer, and were thinking of bringing on another person who was business-oriented before a developer.

The Knicks have Chauncy Billups for another two years and although he is at the end of his career, he is exactly the type of player they need to go deep in the playoffs.

What the Knicks need is a center to rebound and defend. This center will give Amare Stoudemaire the ability to play his natural power forward position and allow Melo the ability to take over on offense.

The best available pieces for the center position are Dwight Howard in 2012, Nene from the Nuggets, and Brendan Haywood from the Mavs. If the Knicks can land one of those three (especially Howard) they will be in the top 3 teams in the East, and have a real shot at making a run in the playoffs.

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